TransQST GAM2 took place in Paris (France) in October 2018

The 2nd General Assembly Meeting took place on the 17th and 18th of October 2018, at the Chilly Mazarin centre of Sanofi pharma in Paris (France).

This 2-day meeting was organized following the same structure of GAM1 held in April 2018, as follows: Day 1 – parallel workshop style meetings of Organ related WPs with representatives of WP3 (data) and WP4 (modelling), and Day 2 – whole consortium meeting for WPs updates round and discussion on project next steps.

We were grateful that our SAB member Dr Adriano M. Henney could attend both days meetings. His external perspective learning about TransQST activities by presentations and short chats with key drivers of the project helped him to point out some recommendations, which will be valuable for the project progress and dissemination of TransQST approaches and achievements.