TransQST GAM3 took place in Ingelheim (Germany) in April 2019

The third TransQST General Assembly meeting was held in BI premises in Ingelheim, Germany, on April 9th and 10th, 2019.

During the first day parallel sessions of Organ WPs were organised. On the second day the consortium met at the plenary session for the WP updates and discussion on the next steps.

The discussion at the plenary session evolved around strategic questions such as fit for purpose solution and regulatory interactions. Considerable progress towards the PoC has been achieved, and the consortium is fully committed and focused to deliver the PoC in the upcoming period.

The TransQST Scientific Advisory member Dr. Adriano M. Henney (Avicenna Alliance for Predictive Medicine) attended the meeting on both days. Once again, he gave us recommendations which will be valuable for the project progress and dissemination of TransQST approaches and achievements. We are pleased to learn that Adriano M. Henney saw a great amount of work done since our last GAM. He also stressed out that the Consortium has a much better level of communication and understating of mutual objectives.

The next TransQST GAM will be held in September where we plan to further tackle main questions such what can be delivered by 2021 and how the impact will be assessed. The next GAM will also be focused on the initial preparation for the mid-term review, scheduled for June 2020.

TransQST GAM 3 took place in Ingelheim (Germany) in April 2019