In Summer 2021 TransQST was delighted to announce the partnership between the project partner OcellO B.V. and Crown Bioscience (CrownBio) (link). Once completed the acquisition process for a universal takeover of rights and obligations, we now warmly welcome CrownBio as a full partner of the consortium starting in February 2022. They continue their activities in a consortium of 13 Public Partners and 9 Industry Partners, adding their expertise, resources, and support in improving translation from nonclinical studies to human safety.

About TransQST
The development of all new medicines requires extensive nonclinical and clinical testing prior to drug approval by regulatory agencies and consequent marketing launch. Determining when nonclinical results reflect increased clinical risk prior to clinical testing remains a challenge. TransQST is an initiative launched under the European Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) to tackle the challenges in drug safety assessment. The project aims to create accessible Quantitative Systems Toxicology models and supportive data to leverage existing knowledge of biological systems across multiple scales.

About Crown Bioscience
Crown Bioscience is a JSR Life Sciences global drug discovery and development service company. CrownBio provides translational platforms to advance oncology, immuno-oncology, and inflammatory disorders with the aim to empower their customers to improve human health.

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