TransQST Early Review in Brussels (Belgium) in June 2018

On the 14th of June, TransQST consortium presented the progress of the project in the Early Review meeting that took place at the IMI premises

The objective of this early review was to show up the strategy defined for the whole consortium to accomplish the goals of the project proposal and to give update on the current status of the project.

The ExCom members and the WP leaders, in total 17 representatives, presented an overview of the activities done during the first 18 months of the project life. They explained the workplan and vision to the expected impact in the drug development pipeline thanks to the innovative modelling approaches developed in the framework of TransQST.

In addition to the TransQST IMI officer, Iwona Jablonska, the expert panel was composed by:

  • Laura Caberlotto
  • Joana Paiva Gomes Miranda
  • Torsten Schwede

The evaluators were positively impressed by the quality of work that has already been delivered (they informed that all 2017 deliverables have been approved), and they praised TransQST consortium on the strong integration between all partners. They did provide some suggestions that they hoped would help to enrich the project progress and they requested that we develop a risk assessment analysis that could be reviewed and updated in periodic reports.

Next year, TransQST consortium will be requested to do the standard Mid-Term review evaluation following IMI protocols for 3rd period phase.