TransQST participants attend the 2018 Drug Safety Gordon Research Conference

The TransQST project was well represented at the recent Drug Safety Gordon Research Conference (program).  The meeting addressed contemporary issue in drug safety spanning discovery to post-marketing surveillance with several sessions focused on translational safety and systems modeling.   Jim Stevens (Lilly/Leiden) Chaired the meeting.  Blanca Rodriguez (Oxford) gave a GRC plenary lecture titled, “Computational Modeling of Cardiac Adverse Events,” illustrating the power of quantitative systems pharmacology approach to model cardiac arrythmias.  Scientific advisory board member, Nicholas Le Novère, also gave a plenary lecture, Computational Systems Models of Cell Signaling Networks”.  Panuwat Trairatphisan (Aachen) was selected to present a late breaking short talk on logic modeling and causal reasoning pipelines for drug safety investigation in the same session.  Poster presentation by TransQST participants at the GRC and GRS including those by Jeff Willy (Lilly), Jennifer Mollon (Abbvie), Steven Kunnen (Leiden), Joost Beltman and Bob van de Water (Leiden) as well as by Cristian Trovato and Elisa Passini (Oxford), Marije Neimeijer (Leiden), Panuwat Trairatphisan (Aachen) who were selected for travel awards.

List of TransQST Posters (Presenting author underlined):

Elisa Passini, Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, Blanca Rodriguez (Oxford) “Human In Silico Drug Trials in Diseased Populations Predict Clinical Risk of Torsade de Pointes”

Giulia Callegaro, Steven Kunnen, Wouter der Hollander, Jennifer Mollon, Marije C. Niemeijer, Yue Webster, James L. Stevens and Bob van de Water (Leiden, Abbvie and Lilly) A Shiny tool to explore weighted co-regulated gene network (WGCNA) in primary human hepatocytes for quantitative systems toxicology.

Panuwat Trairatphisan and Julio Saez-Rodriguez (Aachen) “Logic modelling and causal reasoning approaches to study molecular mechanisms of compound-induced toxicity”

Jiabin Qiu, Evan Wang, Yue Wang Webster, & Jeffrey Allen Willy (Lilly), “Toxicogenomics and Systems Toxicology Approaches to Understanding Adverse Outcomes during Drug Development”

Cristian Trovato, Elisa Passini, Norbert Nagy, Andras Varro, Stefano Severi, Blanca Rodriguez  (Oxford), “In Silico Trials in Human Ventricular and Purkinje Cell Models Predict Safety and Efficacy of 10 Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs”

Huan Yang, Marije Niemeijer, Bob van de Water & Joost B. Beltman (Leiden) Imaging and computational modeling of unfolded protein response activation in chemical-induced cell injury

Marije Niemeijer, Suzanna Huppelschoten, Audrey Baze, Celine Parmentier, Richard S. Paules, Lysiane Richert and Bob van de Water (Leiden) “High Throughput Transcriptomics of Primary Human Hepatocyte Inter-Individual Variance in Adaptive Stress Response Activation”