The TransQST Consortium members gathered for the 8th General Assembly Meeting in November

The TransQST Consortium held its bi-annual General Assembly as a virtual meeting on the 15th and 16th of November. The aim of the meeting was to report on the progress of the project, to exchange ideas and discuss upcoming plans, strategies, and activities.

After a 6-month no-cost extension requested to the IMI, the project will have a new end date on 30th of June 2022. With seven months to go, the discussions at the GAM8 were centered around deadlines for timely delivery of remaining project work and on project legacy aspects. The latter include making project outputs publicly available after project end as a TransQST portfolio of models and tools, drafting a common project article and sustainability approaches. The insightful comments of the three members of the project external Scientific Advisory Board were key in advancing in these discussions.

To engage in conversations with regulatory bodies, the consortium was also happy to count with the participation of guest invitees from EMA, FDA and NC3Rs to discuss the context of use of the project models and tools from regulatory perspective.