The latest advances in the use of organoids were brought to TransQST partners and external participants by the OcellO crew.

The TransQST Webinar series 2020 resumed on Monday September 14th with a presentation delivered by the Senior Director of OcellO BV, Bram Herpers, on the use of organoids in drug testing.

OcellO is a CRO offering drug testing services in 3D cultured human tissues. OcellO screens, identifies and profiles potential drugs for efficacy and adverse effects for various indications, including oncology, immuno-oncology, cystic fibrosis and polycystic kidney disease, helping customers to discover the full potential of their compounds.

The webinar provided a concrete demonstration of the use of OcellO’s image-based analysis platform to evaluate compound efficacy and adversity in gastrointestinal human organoids for an audience of over 50 TransQST delegates and external guests.