A transcriptional response assay for predicting bioactivation-mediated drug-induced liver injury

A new edition of the TransQST Webinar series 2020 took place on Monday November 9th with a presentation delivered by Rowena Sison-Young (ULIV).

Accurately predicting the liability of drug candidates to cause hepatotoxicity remains a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. This is a consequence of the complex nature of this disease which encompasses several mechanisms, one being the formation of chemically reactive metabolites (CRM). Current strategies for detecting CRM-mediated drug-induced liver injury are not effective, emphasising the need for new and better predictive tools. One such a potential tool is the bioactivation liver response assay (BA-LRA) which has been developed by Frank Sistare and colleagues at Merck. The topic of the webinar was to review and discuss this work, with the objective of surveying projects outside of TransQST, but with reference to TransQST modelling.