A new hands-on webinar format launched in January 2021

The TransQST consortium is proud to present a new Webinar series on Model Implementation starting on January 26, 2021. The aim of this activity is to catalyse discussions on the implementation of consortium-developed models in the pharma industry as part of the project sustainability.

In order to focus the webinars on the right questions and context from the industry perspective, two kick-off webinars will take place before moving on to the presentation of the eight models developed by TransQST partners, with a weekly webinar devoted to each model.

The first kick-off webinar on January 26th will be focused on how the pharma industry works with respect to drug safety and toxicology, and how modelling and simulation needs to fit within (or shift) the current paradigm. The second kick-off webinar on February 2nd will be centred on the BioModels database and parameters tool to help modellers address how models can be made easily available for project partners.

The activity, that will run as a series of weekly webinars to be held on Tuesdays at 15:00 CET from January 26 until April 6, 2021, will also be opened to other IMI projects interested in quantitative systems toxicology-related topics to foster cross-consortia interaction and collaboration.