TransQST WP5-WP6 Meeting was held in Leiden (the Netherlands) in March 2017

WP5 and WP6 joint for a meeting hosted by the University of Leiden on the 24th of March 2017. Representatives of both work packages discussed on the understanding of how and what a multi-scale model is for the Liver (WP5) or Kidney (WP6) organs.

This first face-to-face meeting was organized to develop a Roadmap for Year 1 activities of WP5 and WP6, which together have agreed that will follow common models approaches for risk assessment of Liver and Kidney adverse drug reactions.

After a brief introduction presenting the key questions and goals of the project focused on these two organs, the different modelling experts presented the diverse types of models (ODE, Logic, PPI and GSMN) that could support this risk assessment. A session for discussing key questions helped that modelers and biologists reached a common understanding.

The participants agreed to focus on adaptive versus progressive toxicity, as first step, and work with a certain compound case study to tackle aspects related to data availability, feasibility of multi-scale modelling, and to identify technical requirements to move their research.