Institut de Recherches International Servier (IRIS) is the first independent pharmaceutical group in France and the second French pharmaceutical group worldwide. The non-clinical safety facilities, Biologie Servier, are located in Gidy (near Orléans), is dedicated to investigative and development toxicology projects (i.e. non-GLP general, clinical pathology, genetic toxicology, transcriptomic, toxicokinetic assessment). ADME, PBPK and PK facilities, Technologie Servier, are located in Orleans. Research & Biopharmacy’s Scientific Dept, Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier (IRIS), is located at the Head Office in Suresenes, Paris.

IRIS is also involved in the following projects related to TransQST: DDMoRe, eTOX, MIP-DILI, Innome-Pred Tox.