OcellO B.V. (Oc) is an innovative biotech SME offering CRO services for the drug discovery industry. OcellO develops clinically relevant in vitro human micro-tissue models that it uses to screen and profile small molecules and biologics. Unique high throughput 3D imaging and analysis technology quantify compound effects. OcellO has screened extensively with patient derived organoid cultures, for example for SUPPRESSTEM (FP7). OcellO partners with many leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and academia to advance drug discovery programs and develop new in vitro discovery technologies. Spin-off from Leiden University in 2011, OcellO obtained first round investment in 2014 that funded fully independent premises on the Leiden Bioscience Park. OcellO is now funded by an approximately equal mix of fee-for-service revenue and subsidies that support technology research and development.