Sanofi-Aventis Recherche & Développement (SARD) is a global healthcare company with more than 110,000 employees in 100 nations. Diverse product lines are produced by Sanofi including human pharmaceuticals, vaccines, animal health, consumer products and other innovative healthcare products.

As a diverse healthcare company, Sanofi has significant in-house expertise in genomics, modeling and simulation, and mammalian and molecular toxicology.

As a part of the organization’s commitment to delivering novel and effective medicines to patients in need, Sanofi has significant expertise in modeling and simulation (M&S) and employs M&S approaches wherever they are able to provide efficiencies in the R&D pipeline. Applications currently include systems pharmacology modeling in disease, PopPK and PKPD modeling, clinical trials simulation, and manufacturing process modeling. Expansion of M&S approaches to safety assessment is seen as a strategic advancement.

SARD is involved in the following projects related to TransQSTeTOX, MIP-DILIDILISym.