Simcyp Limited (SIMCYP) provides sophisticated physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling and simulation tools (the SIMCYP Simulator) used by the Pharmaceutical industry to help streamline the drug development process, contributing to the reduction, replacement and refinement of animal experiments and reduce the industry’s drug development costs and time. Alongside Pharmaceutical companies, academics and regulatory bodies also utilise the SIMCYP simulator. To date results from simulations conducted using the SIMCYP simulator have been included in the labels of more than 20 drugs.

The PBPK tools (SIMCYP Simulator) and modelling approaches developed by SIMCYP is now widely used. As of 2017 the SIMCYP simulator was licensed by 35 Pharmaceutical companies who form the SIMCYP consortium and guide the further development of the Simulator based on their needs. The SIMCYP consortium includes 9 of the top 10 Pharma companies (by R & D expenditure) and 17 of the top 20 companies. In addition, 100 academic institutes and 6 regulatory agencies are associate members of the SIMCYP consortium. The PBPK approaches and underlying equations used in the SIMCYP simulator have been extensively described in the literature with more than 300 papers describing the use of the simulator from SIMCYP staff and external users of the software. The SIMCYP simulator is currently freely available to eligible academic institutes that complete the requisite training to use the software.

SIMCYP has a long history of actively participating in large collaborative projects and has participated in projects under FP6 (1 project), FP7 (5 projects), H2020 (2 project) and IMI funded projects (2 projects).