Synapse Research Management Partners (SYNAPSE) is a company specialized in the high quality management of complex research and development projects in the biomedical sector, partnering with national and international organizations, both public and private (pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes, academia, hospitals, etc.).

SYNAPSE regularly provides support to a variety of research institutions, companies and governmental agencies on project proposal preparation, project negotiation, execution and exploitation, and collaborators include top-level researchers across Europe, both from academia and industry.

SYNAPSE leverages the expertise of highly skilled, experienced project management professionals with a track record of over 20 years in international collaboration projects, with special attention to EC-funded projects since FP3 (including ESPRIT, INCO, TAP, LIFE, IST, ICT, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, NMP) and IMI JU projects, among other programmes and funding schemes. The company directly supports the coordinators of 1 running FP7, 1 H2020, and 9 IMI projects, acting as Coordinators of the programme Management Office of the IMI JU funding for EMIF, a large-scale IMI project (56 M€) and as Project Manager of the EPAD Project (64 M€). The expertise of the team covers: project management, financial and legal assessment, exploitation and IPR management, knowledge management, validation and assessment, business planning, training, dissemination and communication strategies design and implementation.

SYNAPSE has a track record on research projects that are highly innovative (open innovation, public private partnerships), large (>10 million Euros), distributed (built on the collaboration of several institutions) and internationally oriented, with broad expertise in projects funded by the European Commission and Innovative Medicines Initiative JU.

Projects related to the TransQST: eTRANSAFEiPiE, EPAD, ADVANCE and EMIF; and others: AMYPAD, ROADMAP, RESCUE and HARMONY.

SYNAPSE also managed one of the first IMI projects: eTOX (“Integrating bioinformatics and chemoinformatics approaches for the development of expert systems allowing the in silico prediction of toxicities“, Grant Agreement n° 115002,, with a budget of over 18.5 million €, the project was undertaken by a consortium of 30 organisations, among which 13 EFPIA companies, 11 academic partners and 6 SMEs.