University of Liverpool (ULIV) has specific expertise in drug safety, DILI, quantitative mass spectrometry (small molecule, peptide-MRM) proteomics, biomarkers, immunotoxicology, cell-based models of liver injury, stem cells and small animal imaging. ULIV hosts the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS), a world-leading centre of excellence tasked with working on clinically-important ADRs to evaluate fundamental mechanisms and to feedback information to clinicians (for safer prescribing) and to medicinal chemists (for safer drug design). The CDSS works closely with both Industry and the Regulators to foster pre-competitive collaborations in drug safety science. CDSS has three main research themes, all of which are pertinent to the QST call topic: drug-induced liver injury; drug hypersensitivity; gastrointestinal toxicity.