Governance Structure

General Assembly (All partners)

EABSteering Committee (1 REP./PARTNER)
Executive CommitteePMO
Scientific Leadership Team (WP LEADERS)
Cross WPs task force
General Assembly (GA)

The TransQST General Assembly gathers representatives of all partners to follow up the scientific progress of the project.

Steering Committee (SC)

The TransQST Steering Committee consists of a senior representative from each of the Participants. This plenary Committee is the ultimate decision-making body in the Project.

Executive Committee (EXCOM)

The TransQST Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operational leadership of the Project, is a small operations group, consisting of the Coordinator, the Project Leader and Project Co-Leader, and the Project Managers.

Project Management Office (PMO)

The TransQST Project Management Office supports the EXCOM to follow-up activities and monitor compliance with the work plan, planned resources and time schedule. It facilitates communication among Participants and supports WPLs. The PMO drives risk management and manages quality control procedures on deliverables. It is responsible for overall financial management.

Scientific Leadership Team (SLT)

Each WP is the responsibility of one Public Participant representative and one EFPIA Participant representative, who jointly act as WP Leaders. The WPLs have the responsibility for day-to-day management and co-ordination of the tasks and activities included in their respective WPs. They raise proposals to the EXCOM regarding effort and budget redistribution, and re-assignment of roles and responsibilities, within their respective WPs; and to the EXCOM for redistribution and reassignment matters in between WPs.

Ethics Advisory Board (EAB)

An Ethics Advisory Board (EAB) provides advice on ethical questions associated with the Project. It includes selected members of the consortium with expertise in the field and work in close collaboration with the EXCOM.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB is composed by independent experts with relevant expertise with consultative functions who can provide expert advice on the project progress, achievements and challenges.

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