Deliverable numberDeliverable nameWork package numberShort Name of lead participantDissemination levelDelivery date
D4.1Model selection processWP4IMIMCO28/02/2017
D3.1Model compound and model selection processWP3EMBLCO31/03/2017
D1.1 Project HandbookWP1SYNAPSECO30/04/2017
D2.1Project communication plan and initial tool set WP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2017
D3.2Data management platform requirements documentationWP3EMBLCO30/06/2017
D3.3Data integration and curation planWP3EMBLCO30/06/2017
D8.1Gap analysis and GI experimental planWP8UMCO30/06/2017
D2.2Data and Knowledge management planWP2SYNAPSECO30/09/2017
D3.4Model compound selectionWP3EMBLCO30/09/2017
D4.2Criteria for continuation or cessation of specific model developmentWP4IMIMCO30/09/2017
D3.5First release of the data management platformWP3EMBLCO31/12/2017
D4.3Data models employed in downstream modelling methods WP4IMIMCO31/12/2017
D6.1Datasets for DIKIWP6EMBLCO31/12/2017
D7.1Report on modelling of potential anti-arrhythmogenic drugs on QTc prolongation and sudden cardiac deathWP7EMCCO31/12/2017
D4.4Biological pathways/modules relevant to build organ-specific dynamic models WP4IMIMCO30/04/2018
D1.4 Project assessmentWP1ULIVCO31/12/2018
D1.8Ethics workplanWP1ULIVCO31/12/2018
D4.5First report on models developed on drug-organ toxicity events WP4IMIMCO31/12/2018
D5.1Report on QST model for DILI with WGCNA approachWP5ULIVCO31/12/2018
D5.2Report on QST model for DILI with GSMN approachWP5ULIVCO31/12/2018
D7.2Report on modelling of glucose lowering drugs on stroke, MI, cardiovascular comorbidityWP7EMCCO31/12/2018
D2.3Interim Report on dissemination activitiesWP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2019
D7.3Report on multiscale modelsWP7UOXFCO30/06/2019
D1.9Ethics workplan. Update IWP1ULIVCO31/12/2019
D3.6Second release of the data management platformWP3EMBLCO31/12/2019
D7.4Report on the analysis of cardiotoxicity adverse outcomes pathwaysWP7UOXFCO31/12/2019
D8.2PBPK-ADAM models expansionWP8UMCO31/12/2019
D8.3Establishment of a characterised multi-cellular mouse/minipig/human organoid cultureWP8UMCO31/12/2019
D1.10Ethics Workplan. Update IIWP1ULIVCO31/12/2020
D3.7Report on data integration and curationWP3EMBLCO31/12/2020
D4.6Second report on models on drug-organ toxicity events WP4IMIMCO31/12/2020
D6.2Renal PBPK models including renal injury biomarkersWP6SIMCYPCO31/12/2020
D3.8Final release of the data management platformWP3EMBLCO30/06/2021
D4.7Workflows for the integration of modules and models for the description of drug-organ toxicity eventsWP4IMIMCO30/06/2021
D4.9Omics data and analysis to support TransQST modellingWP4IMIMCO30/06/2021
D6.3Quantitative co-regulated gene networksWP6ULCO30/11/2021
D7.5Report on integration of PKPD modelling inpharmacoepidemiologyWP7EMCCO31/12/2021
D6.4Translational QST models for DIKIWP6IMIMCO30/04/2022
D7.7Report on Translational PredictivenessWP7ULCO30/04/2022
D2.4Final Report on dissemination activitiesWP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2022
D2.5Report on regulatory interactions WP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2022
D2.6Report on synergies with other initiatives WP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2022
D2.7Final Data and Knowledge management planWP2SYNAPSECO30/06/2022
D3.9Sustainability plan for models, data, and infrastructureWP3EMBLCO30/06/2022
D4.8Publication describing the entire modelling approach WP4IMIMCO30/06/2022
D5.3Report for mechanistic simulationWP5ULIVCO30/06/2022
D6.5Novel assays for modelling QSTWP6ULCO30/06/2022
D6.6Application of renal translational QST models using pharma relevant drug compoundsWP6ULCO30/06/2022
D6.7Report on preservation of rat liver/kidney WGCNA networks in human tissueWP6ULCO30/06/2022
D7.6Model Development ReportWP7ULCO30/06/2022
D7.8White paper on role of QST models in earlier recognition of potential adverse drug reactionsWP7EMCCO30/06/2022
D7.9Report on modelling of Snelder model in real lifeWP7EMCCO30/06/2022
D7.10A proposal for qualification of the cardiac in silico biomarkers as a proarrhythmia model prepared for submission to a regularoty agency model qualification groupWP7UOXFCO30/06/2022
D8.4Report on transcriptomic and functional data on dynamic intestinal toxicity WP8UMCO30/06/2022
D8.5Report on multi-scale model for drug-induced and acute inflammation-mediated intestinal toxicityWP8UMCO30/06/2022
D1.11Final Ethics reportWP1ULIVCO31/08/2022
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