TransQST meets eTRANSAFE in Barcelona (Spain) in June 2018

On the 5th of June, TransQST project was presented in the 3rd consortium meeting of the IMI eTRANSAFE project.

Professor Bob van de Water, from University of Leiden, presented the TransQST project to the eTRANSAFE consortium in their 3rd consortium meeting held on the 4-5th of June in Barcelona.

Both IMI projects work in the Translational Safety Assessment field, TransQST from the biology perspective and eTRANSAFE from the chemistry perspective. Twelve partners belong to both projects, and there is a common interest to establish collaboration between these consortia which could highly benefit from the data and modelling approaches generated in both projects for the development of new and safer medicines.

More info about eTRANSAFE project here.